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Why study?

Conveying knowledge does not only imply keeping in mind the teaching methodology but also the means for carrying it out. At the UdL these means are available.

The Library and Documentation Service and the Learning Resources and Research Centre (CRAI) provide the university community with an extensive catalogue of dossiers, magazines and resources as a support for education, teaching and research.

Furthermore, the UdL Research Ring, which is the university’s research and knowledge transmission promoter, enriches the lectures of this degree by supplying highly practical and scientific activities.

From the teaching point of view, priority is given to continuous assessment, active pedagogical methodologies and professional orientation, while at the same time students are initiated into the professional world. Coordination of different subject matters ensures acquiring fundamental knowledge and avoiding duplicity.

Obtaining the degree in Mechanical Engineering enables graduates to have access to the master’s degree in Industrial Engineering which is also pursued at the Higher Polytechnic School.