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Degree in Mechanical Engineering    

European quality label for engineering degree programmes at Bachelor level
The bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering is open to graduates from a wide range of professional activities that are presently carried out by graduates of Technical Industrial Engineering majored in Mechanics. The latter qualification, which has been replaced by the bachelor’s degree, was initiated at the EPS during the academic course 1997/98. Thus the teaching team of the Higher Polytechnic School is supported by many years of experience. The bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering gives access to master’s degrees within the industrial engineering field upon previous admission by the body in charge of the master programme.
A bachelor´s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the EPS will provide students with the flexibility and adaptability needed in the engineering profession, and an ability to face a range of practical and theoretical challenges.

The general objective of the new degree in Mechanical Engineering is to provide graduates with a quality European education and training that is based on the theories, techniques and the technologies applicable to the profession of technical industrial engineer. The EPS offers face-to-face classes with:

  • Reduced groups
  • Continuous assessment
  • Curricular qualification in modules of subjects corresponding to the same academic course
  • Individual tutoring
  • An introduction to active methodologies
  • Internships

According to the syllabus, students have to take 240 credits which are distributed into four courses of 60 credits. The syllabus is structured in six modules, covering corresponding subjects.